DM3- Hourglass! The Best Of DM3

Dom MarianiとTarget Earthで選曲、Domがマスタリングした音源になります。

Track list
1. Hourglass (D.Mariani) extended unedited mix
(previously unreleased)
2. Foolish (D.Mariani)
3. 1 Time, 2 Times Devastated (D.Mariani)
4. Up In The Air (D.Mariani)
5. I Don't Need You (D.Mariani)
6. Take It All (D.Mariani)
7. Soultop (D.Mariani)
8. Second Floor (D.Mariani)
9. Can't Get What You Want (D.Mather/D.Mariani)
10. Something Heavy (D.Mariani)
11. Show You (D.Mariani)
12. Anyway That You Like (D.Mariani)
13. Lure (D.Mariani)
14. Quicksand (J.Matthews/D.Mariani)
15. Just Like Nancy (D.Mariani)
16. Give It Up (D.Mariani)
17. Zero Hour (P. Case)
18. Making Time (Picket/Phillips)
19. Foolish (Live) (D.Mariani) (Live)
20. Know You Now (Live) (D.Mariani/D.Mather) (Live)
21. Never Be Friends (Live) (D.Mariani/J.Matthews) (Live)

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